UPR Child Guide is now in an Audio Book format!


UPR Info is excited to announce that an adaptation of “The UPR & Me: My Guide to Participating in the UPR”, a collaborative project with Child Rights Connect, is now available as an audiobook.

The audiobook is child-friendly, introduces the United Nations and the Universal Periodic Review, and encourages listeners to become involved in the advocacy of their rights. By UPR Info’s dedication to promoting inclusion in the UPR process, fostering understanding and action from young people is essential, as there are concerningly low rates of child participation throughout the UPR. In the form of an audiobook, the guide can reach an even more inclusive audience, particularly children with disabilities. The audiobook explains the process of the UPR, including who is involved, the stages of the process, and why it holds such significance.

This guide has simplified a complex process to support youth involvement and demonstrates exactly how to become engaged and make a difference on an international level. The increased accessibility of such information has the potential to greatly influence engagement and truly incentivize greater youth involvement in the UPR process.

To access the audiobook visit our video library. You can also access our content on our YouTube channel in the "Tools for UPR stakeholders" playlist.